Written by on Friday February 14th 2014 in SIMUL8 Tips, Technical Corner

SIMUL8 Tip: Visualize Code as a Flow Chart

This feature converts your Visual Logic code to a womens viagra cheap no prescription flow diagram at the click of a button. As well as looking clearer, being able to visualize your code as a diagram offers many benefits:

•    Enhances understanding of the code structure
•    Aids the documentation process
•    Improves overall code structure
•    Makes it easier to explain your code to non-technical users
•    Helps identify structural problems, and thus eliminate them
To view your code in this format, simply click on the button highlighted in the screen print below:


When this button is selected, you will see a flow chart of your code as demonstrated in the following screen shot. When viewing a diagram, extra buttons will be available to you allowing you to export and try viagra for free zoom. Also hovering over code blocks reveals the code and buying cialis without a prescription comments inside.

SIMUL8 Visual Logic Diagram

Certain behavior of this feature can be modified by right-clicking the Visual Logic flow form.

Visual Logic Flow Form