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Recording results per work item to a spreadsheet

Liam Hastie  /   Mar 22, 2013

1. Start by joining 4 items to create a process:

  • Entry point
  • Queue
  • Activity
  • End Point

2. Create a label called “UniqueNumber”

3. Add an action to the Entry Point. Set this label to a ‘Unique’ value.

4. Check that each work item is getting a unique value:

  • Run the simulation for a few seconds
  • Select the queue
  • Select advanced > Contents
  • Scroll through the work items on the left and confirm that each has a unique label value

5. Create an internal spreadsheet called “Results”.

6. Create an action that will record the time that each work items completes activity 1:

  • Create an action and select option to ‘Change Anything’.
  • Double-click to add the ‘Results’ spreadsheet
  • Change the column reference ‘c’ to be 1
  • Change the row reference ‘r’ to be the label by selecting ‘Object’ and then double-clicking on “UniqueNumber”.
  • Back in the ‘Action’ window pick the option ‘Set to’.
  • In the next window select the little box with the 3 dots to open the Formula Editor.
  • Double-click to add ‘Simulation Time’

7. Run the simulation and then open the ‘Results’ spreadsheet. This has now recorded the completion of each work item at activity 1 (in minutes from the start of the simulation)

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Liam Hastie

Liam Hastie

Liam Hastie is a Specialist Consultant at SIMUL8 Corporation providing insight, support and skills to help you get the most from process simulation. With a Masters in Industrial Design Engineering and over 10 years’ experience in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, Liam offers unique perspective on how to use simulation to boost your process improvement projects and transform your decision making.