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Demonstrate your simulations with Macros

Fiona Lindsay  /   Aug 16, 2013

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your simulation during a presentation but don’t want to be hunched over your laptop?

In SIMUL8 you can use a Macro to record the key parts of the simulation, then during your presentation simply press play and talk through what is happening without having to touch your mouse or keyboard!

To do this go to the Advanced tab and select “Start Recording” and then run through your simulation as you would want to demonstrate it. You can look at results, change object properties, add simulation objects.


Once you have finished running through how you wish to demonstrate your simulation select the Play button on the Advanced tab and watch as all your actions are repeated. You can also use the fast playback option which will run through the steps much faster.

If you are happy with the outcome you can save your Macro using the Save option on the Advanced tab and then you can access this Macro from any simulation by selecting “Open Macros” from the Advanced tab.

Why not also try using Macros for repetitive tasks that you have to do each time you create a new simulation?

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Fiona Lindsay

Fiona Lindsay

Fiona leads the SIMUL8 Product Team, using customer feedback to plan improvements to our software. From small enhancements to substantial quarterly feature updates, our development roadmap is focused on enabling our users to reduce time to build simulations and deliver faster answers and solutions for their organizations.