Written by on Friday November 7th 2014 in SIMUL8 Tips, Technical Corner

SIMUL8 Tip – Showing Routing Arrows in your Simulation

At the start of your model development stage in your project you’ll be dropping, configuring and linking simulation objects in order to represent the system accurately. During this development stage you will see the links –represented by arrows- between all simulation objects.

Pressing the run button may change the look of your simulation model. Depending on the setting in SIMUL8, it may hide the routing arrows between simulation objects, making the simulation model more appealing to the eye. However, sometimes it may be more desirable to show the routing arrows in the development and experimentation stage. You can achieve this by configuring SIMUL8 to always show the routing arrows as per the screenshot below.

SIMUL8 screenshot showing routing arrows

This setting can also be found in the Preferences menu (see the File tab on the ribbon):

SIMUL8 Preferences menu