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Experimenting with Parameters

Matthew O'Boyle  /   Apr 25, 2023

  • What impact will changing a shift pattern have on my throughput? 
  • Is it more efficient to hire more line operators or to run the production 24 hours a day? 
  • Will diverting outpatients with minor needs to community hubs, help us to meet our target of 90% of patients treated within 14 days? 

What do all these questions have in common?

…They can all be answered quickly and easily with our new Experiment Builder! The Experiment Builder is a powerful feature for running what-if experiments, allowing you to explore potential solutions to the problems of the simulated process.   

Easily change parameters such as: Distributions, Global Variables, Spreadsheets, Shifts, Cycle Matrix, Jobs Matrix, Clock properties and Objects’ properties (see table below). All by selecting from the drop-down menus. No need for code or advanced modelling techniques.  

Simul8 is already the fastest tool on the market – and it has just got faster. Create experiments that can alter multiple parameters at once – in minutes.  

Run your experiments to gain powerful insights, presented in a way that is easy to compare to each other and the baseline. Making meaningful decisions with the data to back them up just got so much easier.  

Happy Simul8ing!

We hope you found this tip useful, and if you have any other applications/scenarios you’d like to see in our Simul8 Tips section, share them with us at 

About the author

Matthew O'Boyle

Matthew O'Boyle

Matthew completed a BSc Mathematics degree and has built up a wealth of experience in banking, financial services consulting and project management. He is particularly interested in process improvement and driving efficiencies in an organisation’s procedures. This led Matthew to join Simul8 in March 2022 as a Customer Support Advocate where he now assists users who are using Simul8 to make data-based decisions in their own companies.