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Creating a Variable Minimum wait time or Shelf life

Tom Stephenson  /   Nov 15, 2013

Setting the minimum wait time or shelf life of a queue can give you better control of how your queues really work, making your simulation a truer match to reality. To enter a fixed wait time or shelf life you can simply enter a unit of time into the data fields shown below.
In reality these times may not be fixed though and you may want to use a distribution to show the variation in time. To do this first create a distribution under Data and Rules > Distributions
You can use this distribution to fill in the minimum wait time or shelf life data field. This needs to be spelled exactly the same as the distribution. The easiest way to guarantee this is to click on the more box and in the dialog that appears select the created distribution
You should now see something like this and your minimum wait time or shelf life will be variable5.fw

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