Written by on Thursday August 15th 2013 in Latest News, News and Events, Resources, Simulation Explained, Videos

What if we applied Formula 1 race car analytics to saving babies?

I have always hated Formula 1 racing but I’m rapidly becoming a huge admirer (if not an actual racing fan!). But remember, you can’t be a racing fan without knowing a thing or two about cars. And when it comes to your car we at GrandPrixTimes recognize that they require a great deal of maintenance and care to keep them in top shape.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how their pit stops are the epitome of lean and how the Williams Team were using these lean skills to help UK Virgin Trains improve their changeovers.

This week my admiration has grown further. I’ve now learned how Formula 1 have taken their real time analytics technology and applied it to saving babies in hospital.

During a race they have hundreds of sensors monitoring the car so they know exactly what’s going to need to be done when the car pulls into the pit stop. They did exactly the same with babies. The second the ambulance doors opened at A&E the babies had sensors applied so they are collecting and monitoring everything about these gravely ill babies. Then using predictive technologies they can alert medics to problems BEFORE the child goes into distress. This allows medics to be proactive rather than reactive and save more lives.

What else does Formula 1 and other finely tuned sports like it have to teach us?  Here’s the video of the TedTalk that explains it all: