Written by on Saturday January 26th 2013 in What We're Thinking

What do you think of SIMUL8?

We want to make SIMUL8 the best process improvement simulation software ever, and to us that means making sure you have a great experience with SIMUL8. It’s so important to us that your interaction with the software is pleasurable and that you have the right features to let you get the most impact on your process improvement initiatives.

As CTO it’s my responsibility and passion (I love both simulation and making powerful software) to make sure SIMUL8 is the best it can be. Making great software isn’t a job I can do alone, and I’d appreciate your help!

What I want to know is how you currently feel about our software and what things you’d like to change. I’d also love to know about you and your processes; what are the biggest challenges you face in your role today? Can we adapt our software to help with these issues? If you think so, let us know!

If you have 5 minutes I’d really like to hear your thoughts if you could complete a quick survey for me. I’d really appreciate your input.


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