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We’re at INFORMS 2015

It’s almost that time of year again and I’m really looking forward to the INFORMS Annual Conference! 


This year, the INFORMS Annual Conference will take place from November 1-4 in Philadelphia, PA and we’re excited to see what this year has in store for us. We’ll be at booth 35, so if you’re there come by and say hey or drop into one of our workshops and see SIMUL8 in action.


The conference is an opportunity to bring together leading academics, industry experts, students, INFORMS members, and representatives of government agencies. With around 5,000 attendees, the conference has a variety of plenary and semi-plenary presentations; panel discussions; tutorials; and thousands of oral and poster presentations to attend.


The SIMUL8 team will be travelling there to talk ORMS, and be inspired by the presentations that are on offer. From past experience I know that you can’t help but leave buzzing with new concepts to research and ideas to try… it’s ORMS heaven!


While we’re there, we’ll also be presenting 2 sessions, a workshop on Sat, Oct 31, that discusses teaching simulation to ORMS students, and we’ll be holding a software demonstration on Wed, Nov 4, so it would be great to see you there!

Key dates

INFORMS Annual Conference
November 1 – 4


Saturday October 31st


Software demonstration
Wednesday November 5th


Teaching the art of simulation is something we feel strongly about at SIMUL8. We know that ORMS is changing the world and how decisions are made, and we believe that when teaching simulation, students shouldn’t spend their whole course learning how to use software; it should be about teaching them the benefits that using simulation can bring to decision making and giving them all the skills required to implement this successfully. That’s why SIMUL8 was created, our founder wanted something intuitive that would allow students to build and run their first simulation in less than an hour and see the results.


INFORMS is one of the highlights of the ORMS calendar for me, and there’s so many things I look forward to about it. We’re proud to be supporting INFORMS and we’re excited to meet up with old friends and new, so if you’re going to be there fill in the below and we can set up a meeting!


If you’d like to attend INFORMS, you can find out how here.

Meet us at INFORMS

If you’re attending INFORMS it’d be great to meet up! Please fill in the form below and I can set up a time for us to meet.