Written by on Thursday September 1st 2011 in Events

SIMUL8 and Head Of The Charles Regatta; Pulling Together

SIMUL8 is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Head Of The Charles Regatta. The Regatta is the world’s largest two-day rowing event and takes place in Boston, MA. This fantastic event was first held in 1965 and now attracts 300,000 spectators.

Now, you may be thinking how do rowing and simulation work together? Well, allow us to explain. SIMUL8’s involvement with the Regatta goes beyond sponsorship as we’ve been given an unparalleled opportunity to facilitate an integral part of the race.  This includes developing a simulation of the Finish Area Launch Site (FALS) to assist with the efficient planning and logistics of the event.

What does this mean for HOCR? Well, what is so appealing about simulation software is the notion that you can quickly try out your ideas at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, relying on simulation software gives the event organizers the confidence that the schedules can easily be changed if needed. This teamed with the benefits of being able to try ideas quickly, and gain greater insights leads to how the Finish Area Launch Site can work more effectively and efficiently.

This is of benefit to the rowers as time to and from the docks can be minimized, and for the audience, queues are reduced. In this particular case weather acts as a large factor in how the FALS will be affected.

Therefore, this can be put into the simulation software as a scenario. Some other mathematical tools can manage to effectively model a steady state scenario but only simulation lets you build in random occurrences like weather and see the effects of this further down the line. It is important to understand how inclement weather conditions can increase health implications such as hypothermia.

What does this have to do with simulation? Well, simulation can help reduce these health risks, along with anything else that may be of concern. These types of scenarios can be tested and reduced in the simulation, giving you answers now, instead of when it’s too late to do anything about it. This ability to discuss all aspects of a process gives our customers the power to ‘make better decisions’.

With that said, we’re nearly finished with the fantastic model for the Head Of The Charles Regatta and we look forward to sharing this with you soon; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Watch this space!