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SIMUL8 2017 is here!

Share the power of SIMUL8 with anyone, everywhere.

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We’re really excited to be launching SIMUL8 2017 today. Like all of our releases this is once again driven by you, our users with features and improvements that have been requested or inspired by you and the simulations that are transforming your organizations.

From working with our users for over 20 years one common theme that we see is that simulation projects thrive through collaboration and when simulation builders engage their stakeholders the results are amazing.

In SIMUL8 2017 we wanted to make it faster and easier than ever before for you to do this. That’s why we’ve created SIMUL8 studio.

SIMUL8 Studio is a visual and interactive online platform where you can upload, view and share simulations across any device. This allows you to increase stakeholder engagement, improve communication and transform decision making across your organization.

As well as access to SIMUL8 Studio, SIMUL8 2017 also delivers great new features and improvements including work item tracking, increased trial speed and custom UI enhancements that will help you build simulations and get results faster than ever.

We really hope you love SIMUL8 2017 and SIMUL8 Studio as much as we do. Our teams of Customer Advocates, Product Managers, Developers and Testers have all been working hard to ensure SIMUL8 2017 delivers what you need for your process improvement projects.

If you’re on Annual Maintenance then you’ll be one of the first to receive your copy of SIMUL8 2017, so look out for it in your inbox soon.

If you have any questions or feedback about SIMUL8 2017 or SIMUL8 studio then get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

To find out more about SIMUL8 2017 visit