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The Childhood Obesity Irony

Frances Sneddon  /   Nov 24, 2010

One of our customers in Mexico has completed a fascinating study using SIMUL8 to predict the future costs in treating obesity related diseases in children in Mexico over their life time. He projected a staggering 108% cost increase (read the full story here).


The Bethany review process

Why the irony? I was asked to review the case study before it went live on the website.  I placed it on the side table and went to get a coffee. I came back 2 seconds later to find my daughter Bethany, had crawled over, grabbed it and started eating it. That beats the dog ate my homework excuse!

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Frances Sneddon

Frances Sneddon

As Chief Technology Officer for SIMUL8, I am responsible for the strategy and direction of our products, it's also my passion. I love software and every part of what goes into creating an amazing end user experience from the initial connection with our website, to how you interact with the software itself.