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O.R.52 Operational Research Conference 7-9th September

SIMUL8 Corporation attend the OR52 conference in London every buy cheap cialis online uk year, and this year is no exception. In fact, it’s not just our CEO who will be presenting SIMUL8 at the conference, Sally Brailsford will also be speaking about her evaluation of SIMUL8’s Scenario Generator software. Sally evaluated the software with a team of colleagues from MASHnet (The UK Network for Modelling & Simulation), having been commissioned by the NHS cialis levitra viagra compare Institute for Innovation and Improvement. I’ve included the abstract for her talk below – if you’re in the UK, check it out:

Evaluating the use of modelling in the NHS: the story of Scenario Generator

Sally Brailsford University of Southampton
Scenario Generator is drug viagra a specialised software tool for patient pathway planning, based on the widely used SIMUL8 software. In a joint initiative between SIMUL8 and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, Scenario Generator was provided free of charge to any Primary Care Trust wishing to use
it. The UK Network for Modelling and Simulation in Health (MASHnet) and the University of Southampton were recently commissioned to evaluate this initiative and more broadly, investigate the use and understanding of modelling in natural levitra general within the NHS. In this talk we present some of our key