Written by on Thursday May 12th 2011 in Newsletter, What We're Thinking

My Top Features -by CTO Frances Sneddon

SIMUL8 2011 is out now and in the SIMUL8 Corporation offices we are loving the new release.

For this month’s newsletter as CTO I was asked to tell you about my top 5 features in SIMUL8 2011 and why I know you’ll love them too.

Each year I’m given this tough task of choosing my top 5 features and every year I never know where to begin.

What will I pick, onscreen clock, sliders, annotations or maybe sub-window tabs? I spend hours deliberating to get the list down to 5 and then increase it to 7!

This year it was easy!

Not because there are less features or less I want to tell you about, but there are three key features I want to highlight and there’s so much to say there isn’t enough room in one newsletter for any more!

These three features are our brand new interface, improved 3D and the SIMUL8 Live Passport.

To find out more about my Top Features of SIMUL8 2011 check out this months newsletter.