Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Top tips for presenting your simulations

Because we’re feeling extra generous this week our Friday tip consists of 2 mini tips!

Both of these are little features within SIMUL8 that will help you present your simulations in a more user friendly way and make your simulation more understandable to non users.

1. Did you know that in SIMUL8 you can make objects invisible?
Any object in your simulation can be made invisible, so that when the simulation runs you can’t see it.

Why is this useful?
This is great if you want to remove clutter from the screen, and demonstrate only key areas in your simulation. It also means if you are using graphics or animation, you only need to animate the main objects and you can simply hide everything else before the presentation.

How do you do it?
It’s really easy! Just click on any object, select the graphics tab, and check the box named invisible.

Then when you hit run your simulation will not show your selected objects!

invisible_object 2

Once you’re simulation is complete and you’re happy with the way it looks,
it’s time to present it…

2. …Using SIMUL8’s presentation mode

This means that you can display the simulation in full-screen without all of the toolbars surrounding the simulation window.

Why is this useful?
This is great if you have a lot going on in your simulation, as it removes all the unnecessary options and controls. It also makes things clearer to see and easier to understand for a non user, which will help with management/company buy-in.

How do you do it?
Press CTRL + SHIFT + P on your keyboard, or select the presentation mode button at the bottom of the screen.
In this mode you can still Run, Reset and Step, to control the simulation and enter some of the general Results buttons.

Presentation mode looks like this:

To exit Presentation Mode and return to the normal setup, click the presentation button again or press CTRL + SHIFT + P.

Both these tips are simple and make explaining your simulation to others easier. Do you have any other top presentation tips?