Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – See the details of all your objects in one place!

To see the details of all your objects in one place go to the “Data & Rules” tab in the Objects section on the new SIMUL8 2011 ribbon  – there is a button called “Input Summary”.

Pressing this will bring up the following.

all objects

From here you have access to all your objects (See tabs across the top) and, most importantly, all their details.

This is a great place to check that everything is as it should be in your objects, e.g. you are not accidently batching too many out in an object, you have the correct timings and not left it on Average 10 minutes etc.

And if all is not well with an object… just double click on the line the object of interest is on and you will get access to the properties dialog so you can update the object straight away and carry on you checks in the input summary.