Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Making changes faster

  • If you have a number objects of the same type (e.g 3 Work Centers) and you wish to make the same change to them all, select all the objects (you can tell they are selected as there should be a dashed line around the outside), go into one of the objects and make the change. When you exit the Object properties by pressing “OK”, SIMUL8 will ask if you wish to make the change to all selected objects – say yes and the change will be made in all the objects you have selected.
    • Alternatively, when you have selected all the objects – right click on one of the Objects and select “Properties – all selected objects” and this will make the change across them all.
  • Use the status change graphics in a Work Center – these can be a great visual communication tool of what is happening in your process is performing and also if your process is performing properly. You can get to these by going to Work Center -> Properties -> Graphics. You can then assign an image to each different status of the Work Center.