Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – make your simulations run faster

SIMUL8 is known for its very fast run times. Independent trials have been shown to be 6 times faster than our nearest speed competitor when running simulations of the same system. Our support manager, James, has put together some top tips to further increase the run speed of simulation:

  • Use SIMUL8’s Speed Analyzer to find out the sections of your code that take the longest to run and improve them
  • Change the Results Synchronization Interval using File>Preferences>Results.
  • If you are working with hundreds of thousands of work items that are essentially the same consider using High Volume
  • By default every simulation object in SIMUL8 collects results. Turn off results collection for objects you’re not interested in

Read the full article here for more indepth help on getting the most out of SIMUL8