Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Make the most of your resources

Two hints for making the most of your resources in SIMUL8:

1. Display Resources at the Process they are currently working at. If you go into the properties of the Work Centers that the resource is attached to and select the “Resources” button then select the resource you wish to display. Once selected press the “Display” button then check the “Display at Work Center” box and your resource will now appear next to the process it is working at (there is also the option to decide specifically where you want the resource to be displayed in relation to the Work Center). Again excellent for display purposes and debugging.

2. Find your Resources. At any point during a run of your simulation you can stop the model, go into the properties of the resource you are interested in and if you press the “Find” button this will then inform you where all these particular resources are located within the simulation e.g. Currently at Load Pizzas into Oven. Also if you go to “Find” at anytime it will inform you of all the Work Centers the resource is currently assigned to. Both functions are very helpful for checking your simulation.