Written by on Friday December 3rd 2010 in Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Improving your animations

Simulations are more effective when they show the real process through a sensible animation. This means that the best way to represent your system is to order your simulation model in the same way as your real system. Two tips to make this more effective:

  1. 1. Hide storage bins and work centers in sub-windows (select an area around the objects you want to place in a sub-window, then right-click in that area and click on ‘Create sub-window’). To make it even look better you can change the icon and title of your sub-window into something that represents the real system by right clicking on the sub-window and changing these in the sub-window properties.
  2. 2. Use a background image of your facility to layout your model. People will recognize this layout and will therefore relate to your model much faster. You can add a background image to your model through the Graphics/Add to window/Graphics from disk menu.

Using these tips will probably make your models even more successful.