Written by on Thursday December 1st 2011 in Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip-How to pan and zoom around your simulation

Want to be able to pan and zoom viagra best buy around your simulation easily? No problem, by using The Overview Window you 40 mg levitra can do just that.

The Overview Window is available from the view tools on the status bar (located at the bottom right hand corner).

Once you click the button, click on your simulation and a box will appear. Drag the box around the window to change what part of your simulation you see in the main screen.

Use cialis 50 mg the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Yep, it’s as easy as that! Click here to see a video of this feature in action.

Did you find this tip useful? Is there anything you’d like us to cover next week? If so, please let us know.