Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip- Get More Detail with the Transaction Log

We all know that one of the great benefits of simulation is finding out the end result, but, what if you’re looking for more detail? Well if that’s what you’re after then we have just the feature for you! The Transaction Log shows you EVERY move of EVERY piece of work you need in a great amount of detail.

It uses extra processor power so the feature needs to be enabled in order to use it (disabling it allows your simulations run faster).

So, to enable the feature go to the Results Manager drop down menu click the Transaction Log select Options and check the box in the top left corner. From here you can add as many logging areas as you like, you can log from the start point of the simulation to the end, or just inside one individual object, or between any objects you’d like.

Now, run the simulation and look at the log, and you will see how detailed it is:


Each row represents a Work Item and the columns represent the time in each of the sections that you added to the log.

We hope you found this tip useful, and please let us know what you’d like us to cover next week.