Written by on Friday June 4th 2010 in Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Debugging in SIMUL8 Professional

Did you know that in SIMUL8 Professional 2010 you have an enhanced Debugging Toolkit to ensure changes to your simulation are right everytime? This includes value hover tips in Visual Logic, and the ability to monitor spreadsheets during runtime and more:

Value Tips
Whilst in debug mode whenever you hover your mouse over any variable in Visual Logic or object property the value of this item is displayed in the status bar of the debug window. This saves all the stopping and starting of your simulation and the going backwards and forwards between different windows.

Monitor Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets can be left open during debugging so that you can easily monitor value changes. This really speeds up the debugging process and makes it much easier.

There are lots more great features in the debugging toolkit – find out more on our SIMUL8 2010 Features Tour.