Written by on Friday April 1st 2011 in Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip – Connect resources to work centers quickly

Setting up resources in SIMUL8 is probably one of the last things to when building a simulation model.

Generally first, you will get the flow of your work items through your system up and running and then start considering which resources you need.

Adding resources can be done in multiple ways; through the resources button in a work center, by connecting a resource with a work center using the ‘route drawing mode’ and by holding down the shift key while drawing a line from the resource to the work center (by holding down the left mouse button).

These ways work perfectly well, but did you know that there is even a better way to connect resources to work centers? This works particularly well with medium to large size models.

You will find a resource matrix under the Objects\Resource matrix menu. This will open up a matrix where you can type in the number of resource required to work at each of your work centers in the model (it will also accept min and max values like ‘1-2’).

This greatly reduces the number of mouse clicks to connect all resources to work centers as well as reduces the likelihood of making mistakes in the model.

Have you got any tips that save time and reduce errors?