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Friday’s Tip – Annotations

Annotations are a new feature in SIMUL8 2011 and they let you display call out messages as your simulation runs.

They are great for explaining what is happening in your simulation, providing hints and tips on how to use use it or to point out events of special interest.

Annotations are really straightforward to use.

On the insert tab click on annotations and select the list and create option.

Then select new to create your annotation and you will get the following dialog up:

This gives you all the options you need to create your annotation.

Give your annotation a name in the top box and in the larger box you can write the text that you want to appear on screen.

When to show
You can choose when your annotations should appear based on time or conditions. Then choose how long they appear on screen and how long they stay on the screen for.

Where to show or point
Choose where about on your simulation screen your annotation will appear. The annotations can point at specific objects, Work Items, charts or at a specific chosen place on screen.

In edition
This lets you decide which versions of SIMUL8 your annotations appear in. Whether it is in SIMUL8 Standard and Professional versions, when it is being run in the viewer and whether the viewer is being run on the web or offline.

Show as
Simply changes how the annotation is displayed.

After you have made your annotation when you run your simulation it will appear on screen.

It’s quick and easy, but for explaining simulation to non users it can be extremely beneficial.

Even if you’re not there to explain what is happening, the simulation can do it for you.

For tips on all all the new SIMUL8 2011 features visit our help files.

How will annotations benefit you?