Zombies invade SIMUL8 European HQ!

For the past couple weeks our European HQ has become part of the set for Brad Pitt’s new film; World War Z.

The team at our UK office couldn’t be more excited with a big Hollywood production right on our doorstep. Now, although we’re sure the streets of Boston haven’t been invaded by zombies, (unless you include those without their morning cup of coffee) the similarities between our two offices have become eerily similar.

 With yellow cabs, hot dog vans, 15th Ave, and American flags hanging patriotically from several windows, Glasgow’s iconic George Square has been transformed into Philadelphia.

The set crew, being entirely grateful of our impeccable hosting skills granted a few lucky members of the SIMUL8 team on set to see the action unfold. To be honest they did owe us after setting off our fire alarm and forcing us out onto the zombie infested streets! 

With the zombie craze invading Glasgow, and our local sandwich shop selling a ‘Brad Burger’ we at SIMUL8 got to thinking about a zombie simulation (if life were to imitate art, and all that). Zombies running rampant down Cochrane Street, what effect would it have on productivity!?  

Well, as it happens we were able to cope with the increase in activity because we’re SIMUL8, and that’s what we do – make better decisions. But, with Brad Pitt around some of the ladies are unable to make any decisions other than what to wear to work each day.

Think we’re crazy now, but you may be calling us instead of Ghostbusters when zombies attack. Don’t say we didn’t give you the chance to ask ‘What if?’.