Written by on Friday April 20th 2012 in Latest News, Simulation Explained, Technical Corner

Wondering If You Can Run SIMUL8 on Your Mac? Find Out the Answer

We look forward to answering all of our customers’ questions and when we get a frequently asked one, we make sure we answer it as soon as possible. Something we’ve been asked a lot lately is: Can I run SIMUL8 on my Mac? Well, I think we have the answer you’re looking for, and that’s a big fat YES. In fact, many of our employees, including our Founder, work on Macs every day.

Ok, so the next question you may have is: HOW do I run SIMUL8 on my Mac? Well, the easiest and most flexible option is virtualization software, like VM Fusion or Parallels.

This software will only set you back around $50 and let’s you run Mac OS X and Windows side by side. Plus, it’s so easy to switch between them – it’s as easy as switching between Mac applications.

Now, we’ve been doing this for a long time, so we know once we start answering questions more appear. I have a feeling you may have another question for us, like…Do we have plans to release a native OS X version of SIMUL8? Well that is the million dollar question and you’re just going to have to watch this space! Oh the suspense!