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What Everybody Ought to Know About a Masters in Management.

When it comes to studying for your Masters Degree we’ve all heard things like ‘it’s a waste of time’ or ‘that won’t make a difference to your salary’. Some of us have even had friends tell us it’s a waste of money. How rude!

After a while you may even begin to wonder if your friends are right, and there may even be times when you want to throw in the towel. I can tell you right now; we won’t let you! At SIMUL8 we love helping people make the right decisions so don’t let the late night study sessions and unwanted comments from friends get to you. If you’d love to prove all the naysayers wrong, look no further.

Today we’re embracing having a Masters degree and singing its praises. To those that said that you couldn’t get any further with a Masters, let them read this; according to this FT article a Masters degree CAN help secure employment. Plus, it’s thought of as the underlying success in quickly finding the right job!financial times image

Now we’re not saying that you need a Masters degree, or a degree at all, but if you think further education is right for you-then who should stand in your way? A recent FT survey states that most masters in management alumni found that their degrees helped open the door to the corporate world. Of 883 respondents, about 47 percent said their masters was an “extremely important” factor in their employers’ decision to hire them. Not a bad percentage huh?

Ok, so you get the job but how about the salary, well we have some big numbers to throw at you. The average salary earned today by masters in management graduates of the class of 2008 is $58,080. The top salary (three years after graduation) was $103,534. Again, not too shabby.

You don’t need to have mastered the art of business to get a Masters, as three quarters of MiM courses are designed for students with no previous management or economics training. If it’s not business you’re into, and a masters degree in art management is more up your street then gather ‘round. From 2012 the French business school Audencia will run summer schools for both business and art students. Don’t live in France? No problem, Boston University is expected to participate in the venture!

Now that you know a bit more about what you can get from a masters, it may be the right time to tell you that SIMUL8 is used in 60% of the top 25 Masters in Management schools! Make better decisions and be top of the class with SIMUL8.