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What does the launch of SIMUL8 Basic mean for you?

If you read our blog you’ll already know about our great new product, SIMUL8 Basic. Basic is ideal for those looking to improve processes and reduce costs with simple and easy to get started software. SIMUL8 Basic was designed to guide users through building simulations easily, meaning users can get started in minutes.

Now, since the launch of our new product we’ve had a few questions from our Standard users and we’d like to take the opportunity to answer your most frequently asked question here, on our blog.

If you’re currently a SIMUL8 Standard customer, don’t worry, you’ll still be supported in the near future, and if you’re on an annual maintenance plan you’ll continue to receive upgrades.

Because we love our customers so much, and we want to keep everyone in the loop, we have a dedicated FAQ page on our website. If you want to know more our FAQ’s provide answers on what SIMUL8 Basic means for you. If there’s something we’ve missed, please let us know.

Oh and there’s more, yep we are that good! If you’re a Standard customer and would like to upgrade to SIMUL8 Professional to add a completely new dimension to your simulation modeling, we are currently offering all Standard customers the option to upgrade for a special discounted price of $1,995 (normally $3,995). Don’t say we’re not good to you!