Written by on Tuesday April 20th 2010 in What We're Thinking

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Top 5 Healthcare IT challenges for 2010

Canon have produced a report which outlines what they see as the top 5 challenges pictures of generic levitra for the UK Healthcare sector in 2010. They base their conclusions on insight gained from the company’s 10,000 customers and partners across Europe, including a number levitra penis of leading health organisations.

They see the priority areas as:
1. Controlling costs
2. Managing security and compliance
3. Balancing business goals with environmental responsibility
4. Reducing workplace inefficiencies
5. Improving customer satisfaction

SIMUL8 can help model processes including: measuring and forecasting carbon footprints; providing financial forecasts; improving patient care pathways; improving overall system efficiency and more.  Have a look at our Healthcare pages for more information, or contact one of our Healthcare Account Managers to see how SIMUL8 could help you.

Source: Health Equipment and Supplies