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Corinne  /   Oct 20, 2015

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler saves millions with SIMUL8

The Chrysler simulation team have been using SIMUL8 for many years to improve throughput, increase revenue and reduce costs. Recently, the Chrysler simulation team wanted to find out what was required to increase throughput at the Brampton Assembly Plant and Jefferson North Plant and how they could achieve this with SIMUL8.

“SIMUL8 is quick and easy to learn and it’s quick to do a study which makes it a good tool for getting results fast.” – Steve Lin, Throughput and Simulation Specialist, Chrysler

I caught up with Steve Lin from Chrysler’s simulation team to talk about what they use SIMUL8 for and how simulation has helped them become so successful.

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Increasing revenue by $1m a day without increasing costs at the Brampton Assembly Plant

Chrysler expected an increase in demand and the plant was to increase its daily rate from 930 to 969 units to ensure that the demand could be met.
By meeting the throughput target Chrysler increased revenue by $1m a day without increasing costs and coped with increased demand for their new 2015 models.

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Chrysler saved $250,000 by taking the guesswork out of capital investment at the Jefferson North Plant

Chrysler’s simulation team was tasked with finding out if an additional 15 Clamshell carriers were required to increase throughput.

The simulation confirmed that the line was not short of Clamshell carriers which helped confirm that Chrysler did not need to invest in new equipment.

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Corinne Freeman

Corinne is a Senior Account Manager at SIMUL8 Corporation. In her role at SIMUL8, Corinne supports automotive users within the OEMs and the Tier 1 & 2 suppliers evaluating simulation and developing their simulation models for successful decision making. An important part of her role is connecting the existing and new users within those automotive organizations together so they can build a successful simulation team.