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SIMUL8’s Customers Positive in the Face of UK Spending Cuts

The UK government’s spending cuts have been publicized across the globe, and it’s not just local people that are concerned about what the impact will be, international private companies are coming out to defend or object to the cuts.

Defense giant and SIMUL8 customer, BAE Systems, released statements in both the UK and the US on the proposed impact on defense spending. Despite ministers warning of a 7.5% spending cut, BAE told the Wall Street Journal that they welcomed the end to uncertainty. The review ‘could lead to some reduction in growth in 2010′ but the company will remain on target to meet management expectations.

As a forward thinking company, it’s no surprise that BAE was prepared for the announcements. BAE have worked with SIMUL8 Corporation to improve production schedules, create accurate forecasting and more efficient processes in their manufacturing operations.

SIMUL8’s work with the Texas Legislative Budget Board is also being championed by a leading UK think tank (NESTA) as the way forward for policy making in the UK. Texas LBB used SIMUL8 simulation software to test the impact planned changes to prison capacities would have on their system.

The project resulted in the rejection of plans to spend $500 million on constructing a new prison and instead showed officials that by investing the money to tackle the root causes of crime greater benefits could be realized. SIMUL8 Corporation is already working to complete similar projects with the Scottish Government.

“With proposed cuts in prison capacities by 2015, the Scottish government is ahead of the curve in experimenting with ideas and planning for change,” says SIMUL8’s UK press officer, “the $400 million savings in Texas demonstrate the value of simulation software in letting policy makers safely experiment with new ideas to reduce costs sensibly.”