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Hold and Release Functions

Watch the tutorial video and learn more about working with resources in SIMUL8.


Many of our customers find the Hold and Release functions in SIMUL8 useful when assigning resources. Check out our quick tutorial video to find out how to add Hold and Release functions to a resource within a simulation.


One instance where you might use this feature is if a piece of equipment is attached to a work item at the beginning of the process and is used for the duration of the process. In this case the work item is then is freed at the end of the process to begin the cycle again with a new work item. Another example would be if a worker must travel with a product from creation to completion, and only when that product is finished they are ready to begin work on a new product.

In this video a resource is allocated to each activity at an individual level by default in SIMUL8 and is a commonly used method to apply resources to the simulation. This means that as soon as work is available, the activity will request a free resource to begin and complete the work. However this means that the resource will go to an activity to work whenever work is available; with no other additional constraints.



Quick How To

Let’s allocate the resource solely to the first and last process in this example. It does not need to be allocated to any of the intermediate processes.

  1. Select the first process in the simulation and navigate to the Properties Tab then choose Resources.
  2. Choose “Require Here, but do not release the resource”.
  3. Select the last process in the simulation and navigate to the Properties Tab then choose Resources.
  4. Choose “Only release the resource here”.

Now, when work arrives at the first station, a resource will go and perform the work. The resource will then stay with the work item until the very last activity, where it has been instructed to release the work.


We’ve now successfully added hold and release functions to a resource within a simulation. For more detailed information on the resource feature, you can navigate to our support section.


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