Simul8 Tips, Technical Corner

Shortcut Keys for Objects and Lists

Did you know that SIMUL8 has many shortcut keys for a variety of controls? This SIMUL8 Tip gives you Shortcuts to use when working with Objects and Lists, saving you time when developing your simulations.

CTRL+“OBJECT” – copy an object to the place where released
CTRL+A – select all
CTRL+C – copy
CTRL+V – paste
SHIFT+F11 – simul8 explorer
CTRL+SHIFT+“CANCEL” OPTION – open component dialog
SHIFT+“WHEEL MOUSE” – drag the mouse with the shift pressed between the source and the destination Activity to remove a work arrow
CTRL+J – jobs matrix
CTRL+K – cycle matrix
F11 – quickview

CTRL+ALT+I – images
CTRL+ALT+L – labels
CTRL+D – distributions
CTRL+I – information store
SHIFT+CTRL+G – groups
SHIFT+CTRL+L – links
CTRL+ALT+D – Custom dialogs

To see a list of all shortcuts, download our download our quick shortcut guide or visit the help files for a list of all the shortcut keys in SIMUL8.