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SIMUL8 awarded ISO 9001:2008!

There’s a reason the SIMUL8 team have party hats on this week – we have been named the first simulation software firm to achieve the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008! If, like me a month ago, those numbers don’t mean anything to you, it means we have proven that our quality standards – both in our software and in our business – are high enough for a very nice independant team to give us an award.

Laura, our Chief Operating Officer, told the press:
“The achievement speaks volumes about the people and processes we have in place to create our software and deliver our services,” says Laura Reid, COO. “The standard gives us a continual process of review and assessment to ensure that our high standards are maintained.”

And we intend to do that. The reviewers check in with us regularly to make sure our standards and being maintained, so we intend to keep this brilliant award for as long as possible.