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Saving Lives with Streamlined Processes


By using SIMUL8, South African charity, Shout It Now’s goal is to streamline processes to create a service as efficient as McDonalds or as lean as Toyota, but with the goal of saving millions of lives.

Shout It Now used SIMUL8 to identify bottlenecks and develop a new process to more than double the number of HIV patients being treated, using no additional resources.

Join the webinar and find out how Shout It Now’s founder, Bruce Forgrieve, used a donated license of SIMUL8 to simulate their processes enabling the charity to create a highly efficient service that has seen over 390,000 people go for an HIV test.

For a small charity, Shout It Now is pioneering in its field. The charity brings mobile HIV screening to local communities in South Africa. The organization also provides an innovative Call Centre service that supports clients until they link to needed clinical care or psychosocial support.

Having originally started out using spreadsheets, Shout It Now needed less time-consuming and more effective means to collect data and help drive decisions and improvements. Using SIMUL8, Shout It Now could identify where bottlenecks were forming and easily eliminate these.

Like those they have treated, Shout It Now has a bright future and is continuing its ground-breaking efforts to close the HIV testing gap in South Africa.

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