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Scenario Generator; 2011 E-health Award Finalist

Last year SIMUL8’s Scenario Generator software was selected as a finalist in the “Healthcare IT product innovation” category at the E-health awards.

The awards celebrate; innovation in healthcare, and are judged on innovative features or elements, how your product is proven to work in a healthcare setting, and how your product brings demonstrable benefits for users. As you can imagine we were beyond delighted to be nominated for such a prestigious award. What’s even better is that we have been selected as finalists this year as well!

Again, we are absolutely delighted to be nominated and we are happy to provide innovative products which bring benefits to patients and builds relationships with healthcare organizations. This year’s award ceremony will be held on Thursday 6 October 2011 in London and we can’t wait. We’ll keep you posted!

Scenario Generator is a simulation software tool designed specifically for Health and Social Care commissioners internationally. The software allows commissioners to model entire Health and Social Care systems to understand the most cost effective and efficient way to meet the needs of the population.

Health organizations from Canada, to Italy and the UK  have adopted Scenario Generator, and are using the tool to test out cost saving integrated solutions across Health and Social Care.

One such project saw NHS Improvement using Scenario Generator to demonstrate the impact of serum natriuretic peptide (serum NP) testing as recommended by the NICE diagnostic pathway for heart failure (2010).

Scenario Generator was used to assess the impact of different pathways for introducing the test, and to choose the most clinical and cost effective solution giving total predicted savings of $2.67m per year.

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