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Product Spotlight: What is SIMUL8 Team?

SIMUL8 Simulation software has 3 main licensing options: SIMUL8 Basic, Professional and Team. As the most recent addition to the line-up, we thought it was about time we did a spotlight on SIMUL8 Team and what sets it apart.

In a nutshell, SIMUL8 Team provides multiple licenses and customized training to help build your simulation team and get them improving processes faster. The package includes:
– a 3 user Network license of SIMUL8 Professional
– introductory onsite training for up to 6 people

The licenses
With SIMUL8 Network licensing you can install SIMUL8 Professional on an unlimited number of PCs…that’s right, as many PCs as you like! They just need to be connected to the same network.

Need to use SIMUL8 on a laptop when you’re not connected to the network? No problem, there is a simple process for “logging out” from the server so that the user can make use of one of the licenses while disconnected and traveling.

How does it work?
When a user on the network starts SIMUL8, it asks the server for permission to run. The server looks at the total number of SIMUL8 licenses running. If this is less than the number of licenses owned (Team comes with 3) then the user’s PC starts SIMUL8. If not, then the user is given a polite message about waiting until later because too few licenses are available.

Need more than 3 licenses? Again, no problem. You can purchase more Network licenses, or upgrade any other SIMUL8 license you have to work on the Network.

The Training
We offer SIMUL8 Training Courses on your premises, on dates that suit your schedule. We work with your organization to create a SIMUL8 training program tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Onsite training not suitable? Then simply choose from our selection of public or online training options. Our simulation advisers will be happy to tailor a solution to your team’s needs.

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