Written by on Tuesday March 31st 2015 in Resources, Technical Corner

Know who is on your simulation team!

Whether you are new to simulation or an expert; the success of your projects greatly stems from the collection of your peers that make up the team.

Discrete event simulation projects usually are attempting to breathe realistic life into your plans and proposals.  They become the prototype of the new process or facility; well ahead of implementation. To assure that your model will be accepted as a true predictor of the future, you must be readily able to defend your assumptions and data-sets. Your company might have several sources and reports for measuring its performance. How does the team know which source of data is best suited for the model and won’t be subject to ridicule upon delivery of the results. The key is building your simulation team with the proper roster!

Before you get too far into model development, you should make sure that the team has sufficient subject matter experts, and management support.  Here are some key questions to ask your simulation team: