Written by on Friday June 13th 2014 in SIMUL8 Tips, Technical Corner

SIMUL8 Tip – Shortcut Keys for writing Visual Logic

This SIMUL8 Tip is quick, but can save you a lot of time! SIMUL8 has many keyboard shortcuts for a variety of different controls. The collection below are all shortcuts you can use when writing/editing Visual Logic in SIMUL8.

Visual Logic Shortcut Keys

ALT+C – copies the whole line
ALT+D – disable current line
ALT+D – disables the current line
ALT+RETURN – inserts a new line after the current line
ALT+V – pastes the whole line
ALT+X – cuts the whole line
ALT+ENTER – insert line before current line
ALT+BACKSPACE – on a blank line moves the line up a branch
CTRL+ – go to book mark
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S – switch Call Stack Tracking on
CTRL+ALT+W – open Watch Window
CTRL+B – back
CTRL+C – copy selected text (or whole line if no text is selected)
CTRL+D – delete current line
CTRL+Del – delete Block
CTRL+F – find
CTRL+F9 – opens spreadsheet is cursor is on a spreadsheet name
CTRL+H – forward
CTRL+I – open Information Store
CTRL+L – open Visual Logic List
CTRL+SHIFT+ – set book mark
CTRL+V – paste selected text
CTRL+X – cut selected text
CTRL-END -go to bottom line
CTRL-HOME – go to top line ESC – closes the Visual Logic Editor
F2 – or double left click on a line to open the Visual Logic Builder Command Editor
F3 – find next
F5 – run
F8 – step Into
RETURN – completes editing of the line for validation: the text is changes to red if there is an error in the syntax
RETURN – move to next line
SHIFT+F8 – step Over
SHIFT+F3 – find backwards from current line within this block
TAB – selects command or object from drop-down list
BACKSPACE – deletes line if blank

If you like these shortcuts and want to see more then download our quick shortcut guide or visit the help files for a list of all the shortcut keys in SIMUL8.