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What would you do in the event of a terrorist attack?

Risk Sciences International use SIMUL8 to create test scenarios within the US food supply chain.

In today’s world we are constantly faced with the threat of terrorism. Terrorism can affect us via a wide range of channels and it is imperative that there is significant preparation in place, in the event of an attack.

Recently, SIMUL8 worked with Risk Sciences International – funded by The National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD) – to simulate how the public health system would react and what measures should be taken in order to cope with a terrorist attack on the US food supply chain. It was important to create steps to gauge how the attack would affect the public healthcare system: from initial consumption of contaminated food, to resources in treatment centers and demand on lab testing.

Risk Sciences International used SIMUL8 to create a unique tool with ASP technology – the Food Attack Response Exploration (FAREx) tool. Using ASP the system is linked to a website interface allowing quick data-entry and live results. This tool is designed so that multiple users can access at the same time with their own unique password-protected account. A significant advantage of the FAREx tool is that it can be effectively used by a planning team, without any prior knowledge of simulation software.

The software’s flexibility to quickly run a multitude of scenarios meant that users could simulate a number of possible terrorist attacks.  The FAREx tool can then be used to simulate the number of people expected to develop symptoms, availability of hospital beds and an overall timeline from consumption to treatment (or lack of).

SIMUL8 has provided Risk Sciences International with a unique simulation tool that will help to reduce risks in the event of a terrorist attack and will allow them to be well-prepared and make informed decisions should an attack occur. The unique capability of accessing simulation via a website, rather than downloading, makes this ASP tool highly flexible and allows the decision makers and stakeholders easy access to minimize the risk of losing potentially millions of lives.

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