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Do you have the best advanced analytics or O.R. department in the world?

The INFORMS Prize is awarded for effective integration of advanced analytics and operations research/ management sciences (OR/MS) in an organization.  Obviously we’re sure that the best team in the world will be using the best software in the world…so we thought we’d pass you all the information you need to enter!

The award is to be given to an organization that has repeatedly applied the principles of advanced analytics and OR/MS in pioneering, varied, novel, and lasting ways. The contribution will be judged relative to the impact advanced analytics and OR/MS has had on the overall success of the organization. Thus, a multi-billion dollar firm that has a large analytics/OR/MS staff but integrates analytics/OR/MS techniques only occasionally might be ranked relatively lower than a small firm which uses analytics/OR/MS throughout its business. The award is given primarily based on the impact that analytics/OR/MS has had on the success of the firm.

The award is given each year at the Spring Analytics Conference. More than one award may be presented in a given year, or if no suitable application is submitted, the INFORMS Prize Committee may choose not to award the prize.

Organizations in the public and private sectors are eligible. The award is to be presented to a key executive in charge of analytics/OR/MS activities within the organization. Outside contractors to a candidate organization are not eligible, unless a proven, dedicated relationship exists over a prolonged time period between the vendor and the client organization. In this case, the client organization and vendor will be co-recipients of the prize, presented to appropriate executives of both organizations.

An organization who has been a previous winner (or co-winner if part of a vendor-client award recipient), may not re-apply for the award within 10 years. This recognizes the balance between the INFORMS Prize being a lifetime achievement award and that organizations evolve and change over time. This also serves to restrict a vendor from winning multiple years, due to a different vendor-client relationship being represented.

Visit the INFORMS site to find out more and enter