Conditional Queues in SIMUL8 2016

We’re really excited to introduce a new feature to SIMUL8 2016 called Conditional Queues.


Watch the video as Glenn, SIMUL8 support specialist, shows you how to use the new Conditional Queue feature in SIMUL8 2016.


At SIMUL8 we want our users to build simulations quickly and to use the graphics in simulations to effectively analyze the system. Users can now add conditions to queues so that when bottlenecks happen the queues will visibly change color.


When working with hundreds of queues in a simulation this will really help to easily pick out the queues that are bottlenecking your system. By selecting the Graphics tab of the ribbon you can change Color Rules so that your queues change color depending on the rules you set. This is a great feature that we’re sure our SIMUL8 users will love!


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