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Will GPs be using simulation to make commissioning decisions?

With the announcement that GPs are to get more control over healthcare budget spending, SIMUL8 Corporation believes that GPs will find simulation software helpful in enabling them to commission services, and is offering GPs access to simulation software and free training.

Claire Cordeaux, Lead for Healthcare from SIMUL8 Corporation said, “We’ve worked with over 100 PCTs and their stakeholders to successfully implement service redesign programs with simulation technology resulting in better patient care and we’re happy to be extending access to this technology to GPs.”

SIMUL8 Corporation, in conjunction with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, introduced their healthcare simulation and modelling tool, Scenario Generator, to over 85% of the PCTs in NHS England in 2008, providing training and support to managers – some who had no prior knowledge of simulation techniques.

Using Scenario Generator, the PCTs built up the skills necessary to create and test alternative models of patient care in a virtual, risk free environment. This allows PCTs to have a complete picture when balancing budgets against patient care as they can forecast the impact these changes would have on various key factors like, waiting times, costs, and bed capacity, years into the future.

Bedfordshire PCT, for example, used Scenario Generator to create a “virtual PCT” that quickly tested out ideas for improving their efficiency and saving money without compromising on quality of patient care. During initial analysis the organisation demonstrated that, when applied across the whole of England, around £166m can be saved in direct financial costs to the NHS by shifting treatment of dermatology from hospital outpatient departments into the community.

Dr. Nick Gaunt, Lead on Technology, Modelling and Simulation from the NHS Institute of Innovation, helped to roll out Scenario Generator across NHS England and is an advocate of the technology. Dr. Gaunt said, “Through our work with PCTs we have seen the significant benefits that simulation technology can bring to planning and decision making, and we would like GPs to feel they can benefit from this technology too.”

To coincide with the announcement SIMUL8 Corporation are offering a special entry level package to GPs and Practice Based Commissioning Consortia.

For all PCTs that hold a current Scenario Generator license, SIMUL8 Corporation will upgrade the current single PC license to a network license to allow access to all PBC Consortia. Training will also be provided.

The normal cost of this package would be £9995 for each new user, and £1150 for one day’s training, however, in recognition of the financial constraints in the NHS, we are offering the whole package for £9995 + travel and subsistence costs, regardless of the number of PBC Consortia.

For more information please contact Claire Cordeaux or visit the Scenario Generator website.

Telephone: 0141 552 6888
Email: ClaireC@SIMUL8.com