Written by on Wednesday April 21st 2010 in The SIMUL8 Brain

Visio Simulation with SIMUL8

Did you know that SIMUL8 allows you to import directly from Microsoft Visio? Simply make a flowchart in Visio and save it. Then open the same file in SIMUL8 and add data to turn your flowchart into a process simulation, then save it. Reopen it in Visio and make more changes to it, save it … go back to SIMUL8 and all your changes from both programs are there.

“SIMUL8 Corporation offers simulation power to our users. It’s a powerful ‘what if’ animation and analysis tool, giving users the ability to see their business with a new perspective, all within a familiar Visio environment. We are pleased to be working with SIMUL8 to provide enhanced simulation and productivity tools to our customers.”

Mike Gelon, Director, Solutions Marketing, VISIO Corporation