Written by on Thursday April 5th 2012 in other, What We're Doing

Take a Look at Some of Our Favorite New Features

As we announced on Monday, SIMUL8 2012 has arrived! To show you why you’ll love it, we’ve dedicated these posts to help you become familiar with all the new and exciting features. Today we’re going to cover The Analytics Panel and our Improved 3D Simulations – which have been designed to help save you time and optimize your processes.




The Analytics Panel is a high level visual and interactive resource that makes it easier for you to see the best scenario at a glance. You can also run trials and see which changes you make to your simulation offer the best combination to optimize your process.






SIMUL8 has always had 3D modeling capabilities and now we’ve made it even quicker to find objects in Google Warehouse. We’ve narrowed down the options  for you making it easier to import scenes and objects straight into your simulation!