Written by on Wednesday June 22nd 2011 in Events, What We're Doing

So much to do at INFORMS health conference

This week I’m at the INFORMS Health Conference in Montreal Canada. The Conference runs from the 20-22 June and I’m really glad to be here exhibiting, and getting to attend all the interesting talks that are on.informs

The conference is huge! 13 simultaneous sessions each with 3 presentations, 4 time slots a day = over 150 papers a day all on healthcare!

It’s so hard to decide what to go to as they are all relevant, and when you decide, you sit in the session and think “this is interesting, but I bet I’m missing another interesting session somewhere else”.

There is so much choice that I am incapable of deciding about anything else e.g what to eat or drink, wear!

We have also been presenting a short video on our productive ward simulation.

Research from the UK has found that more than 3 in 4 nurses and therapists on hospital wards believe they do not spend enough time on patient care and that care and staff satisfaction suffer as a result.

Productive Ward Sim is a simulation model that allows nurses to test improvement ideas in a virtual ward environment and produce quantitative results to support decision making. Watch the video now to see how.

If you’re at the INFORMS this week be sure to come by and say hello.