Written by kyle hyslop on Wednesday July 7th 2010 in Press Releases, What We're Doing

SIMUL8 Corporation hiring graduates to increase workforce by 25%

SIMUL8 Corporation has launched a huge graduate recruitment drive.  The UK team is set to increase by 25% over the next 6 months, but with a dedicated Graduate recruitment website, and ties to universities across the world, the team are asking the question – where have all the Scottish graduates gone?

“Recent media reports sate that 70 people in Scotland apply for every graduate position, but we just aren’t seeing it,” says Catriona Paton, SIMUL8’s HR manager, “More and more of our graduate positions are being filled by applicants from overseas and elsewhere in the UK, but with such strong links to Scottish Universities, we’re keen to support local talent.”

With offices in Glasgow and Boston, SIMUL8 Corporation creates live business simulations for governments across the globe.  New Zealand Government uses SIMUL8 software to help increase efficiency within their Inland Revenue, while the Scottish Government is just starting to use the technology to reduce costs of running the court service and reduce the backlog of court cases.

 “SIMUL8 Corporation is full of opportunity,” says Fiona Lindsay, SIMUL8’s latest graduate recruit, “I work with a group of young, ambitious people, on projects for some of the biggest organisations in the world – how many new graduates can say that?”

For more information on current graduate positions, visit SIMUL8-graduates.com