Written by on Friday August 24th 2012 in Press Releases

SIMUL8 Corporation Expand into Dutch Healthcare Market

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Tarsius Group, an innovative consultancy firm and knowledge network based in the Netherlands. This partnership will help introduce Scenario Generator (SG) – the first and only health and social care software tool for strategic planning– to the Dutch Healthcare market.

SG was developed in partnership with NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and a number of NHS and local government partners in the UK. It’s currently used in the US, Canada, the UK and Italy and has now been introduced in the Netherlands. SG has been used in these countries for strategic decisions including patient care pathway changes and population growth planning.

The design of SG enables scenarios to be developed that reflect changes in population, prevalence, service configuration and capacity. Therefore, SG is a proven technique to understand the most effective and affordable way to meet the health and social care needs of the population.

Tarsius Group will be the lead in adapting and introducing SG in the Netherlands. “We have plans to help Healthcare clients in the Netherlands to make use of SG and will help provide useful insights for these clients. Furthermore, we’re equipped to deliver additional consultancy services which might be necessary to adapt and make the healthcare system in the Netherlands ready for the future” stated Ben van Lom a consultant at Tarsius Group when asked about their plans for Scenario Generator. His colleague Boudewijn Hubert added “we’re pleased to be the company in the Netherlands to distribute SG software”.

Claire Cordeaux, Lead for Healthcare at SIMUL8 Corporation said: ‘”this partnership is a really exciting opportunity for us and we’re looking forward to the work we can do with a firm set up by such experienced consultants; Boudewijn Hubert and Ben van Lom”.