Written by on Tuesday April 12th 2011 in Events, What We're Doing

SIMUL8 at Young OR17

Last week I was at the Young OR conference in Nottingham University in the UK with a few of my colleagues. It was the first time I had been to a conference and it was awesome!

We were there to run a workshop on agent based simulation, and to give the delegates a sneak preview of our agent based simulation product which will be released later this year.

In between the workshop and running our stand I managed to go along to quite a few of the talks that were on.

I was particularly interested in the agent based simulation talks so that I could gather more information on the types of things it can be used for.

It was amazing just how many real life examples that I had never thought of could use agent based simulation.

Things like how someone picks what club/bar to go to on a night out, what products they will choose to buy or where they will go on holiday.

This is all because of how someone interacts with their social networks and how big an influence these networks and their preferences have on a person!

Everything I learnt at Young OR17 was great, but the best part of the conference for me was getting to do some Ceilidh dancing with all the other conference attendees on the final night!